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Our Process

Our manufacturing occurs in our flagship factory in Bangladesh. We have complete control of all stages of the product, delivering full end to end quality control solution for our customers.

We source the materials to ensure consistency in the quality that we provide. Our minimums depend on the swatch material for the garments, we can even go as low as 50 pieces. The 50 pieces minimum are available for our standard fabric swatches, which we will keep in stock. Materials include cotton, Polyester, Lycra and Rayon. Such items that are generally made for these use are singlets, t-shirts, polos, hoodies, shorts and leggings. Always contact us to discuss your project, as we will be able to guide you on best practises on how to complete your order.

Quality Control

We have our own dedicated quality control personnel that overlooks each and every order, which is reviewed to meet the highest of standards. We have implemented tight procedures to minimise potential issues with defects and miscommunication. Once order is ready to be loaded, customers will sign off before final order is in mass production.

Social Compliance

We always strive to adhere to the International Labour Standards set by (ILO). We take our social compliance very seriously. We feel international companies have a responsibility to ensure that workers safety and rights are maintained through the supply chains. All measures in our company always seek to provide maximum health and safety arrangements for our employees.